The Story of Pupcakes

Almost everyone loves dogs, but you and I share a love for small dogs. I’ve been involved with small dogs for decades in obedience, agility, and pet therapy, both in the show ring and out. After years of working and handling small dogs, I know they have their own special needs and requirements.

Play–> Nap–> Play

Small dogs have a lot of energy, and they also need plenty of down time. They thrive on both human and dog companionship. This led me to create Pupcakes to meet those needs. At Pupcakes, your small dog can enjoy a friendly, open playground, a comfortable place to rest, with no competition from big dogs.

Staying Connected

Then there’s the people side of the equation. I envisioned a place where you can walk in, or go online, and see what is happening at Pupcakes. Just as the best restaurants in Atlanta proudly display their open kitchens, Pupcakes proudly displays its open playground. My goal is to provide you with every means possible to stay connected with your dog, whether you are visiting in person, or visiting online.

It’s All About You and Your Dog

My belief is your dog will be happiest at Pupcakes when we get to know you and your relationship with your dog. Our staff is dedicated to working not only with your dog, but also with you. We don’t hire “dog people,” who only relate to dogs. We hire well-rounded people who love dogs and know how to connect with people. Let’s connect, and make Pupcakes the best place it can be for both you and your dog!